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Free Consultation

The first step is a free no-strings-attached initial consultation and project assessment through live chat or call. The goal at this stage is to give you a rough idea of how your website is performing in terms of SEO and what sort of activities you’ll need to prioritize moving forward.

This is what you get:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Challenges Assessment
  • Opportunities Assessment
  • Basic Website Health Report

Whether we end up working together or not is up to you. But you’ll still walk a way knowing more than you did before we talked.

If you do decide to move forward with me, we’ll talk budget and tasks. I want to accommodate small business owners, so I figured out ways I can offer “micro-services.” Based on your business, here are sample tasks I can do for you:

  • $50 unlocks the Full Website Health Report and continued chat support from me until you resolve them (can range depending on site size).
  • $75 gets you a link building email semi-template and a starter list of 5 prospects you can build on.
  • $100 gets you an article rewrite with SEO best practices, optimized keywords, and internal/external link tree.
  • Projects that start at $200 get a content and SEO dashboard.

My full services are available for retainer arrangements. I will join your content team as “the SEO guy” and ideate, outline, assign, and edit articles in cooperation with your writers (or mine) and content managers, manage link building campaigns, track and report KPIs with slides, and more, depending on your needs and budget.

To move forward with the initial FREE consultation, fill up the form below.

Selected Value: 100
Please give me an honest estimate of your budget for SEO services. I'll do my best to work with your budget, but I can only accommodate projects starting at $100.